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Here is a funny video I found. It’s a clever animation of Russian Mafia Tattoos and different phrases often found with these tattoos. Then there’s some picture at the end of some dude, and it looks like he has the tattoo on his shoulder. I’m not sure if it’s the exact same one as the animation, but it looks close nevertheless. More Russian Mafia Tattoos…

Here’s a clip from the acclaimed, and must see Russian Mafia Tattoos documentary by Alix Lambert titled The Mark of Cain. In this clip you will see and hear stories from inmates who discuss the importance of their tattoos and how you can tell a certain thing about another person by the quality of their tattoos. More Russian Mafia Tattoos…

Russian Mafia In America

Russian Mafia Tattoos, Russian Mafia In America

After communism was destroyed, there was an economic and social void – this was obviously a perfect opportunity for the already established Russian Mafia to step in and take over by providing jobs and a means of income for all the young men in Moscow, Kiev, and Saint Petersburg who were severely impacted by the fall of the Soviet Union.  More so, joining the mob became an easy way of getting cash for many ex-KGB vets from the Afghan War who came home to a communist free Russia.

In the late 1980’s the Russian Mafia started to stretch it’s grip out towards Europe and America, with notable communities and operations set up in Israel, Paris, London, the infamous Brighton Beach in Brooklyn (which most people think of when they refer to the Russian Mafia in America) , along with areas of New Jersey, Philadelphia, California and Florida,   Louis Freeh, head of the American Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), said recently the Russian mafia was the greatest threat to US national security although he later withdrew this comment (I wonder why?)

“Italian organized crime in America is a pimple on a horse’s ass compared with Russian organized crime in America—and globally,” says Robert I. Friedman, author of a new book on the Russian Mafia.

More Russian Mafia Tattoos…

Here is part two to the Russian Mafia documentary that was aired on the History channel. It talks about Vladimir Lenin, and how he responded to the emergence of the “thieves world” in the early 1900’s and tried to combat with the growing Russian criminal worlds, as well as and an interview with a former Soviet prison guard who explains the importance and meaning behind Russian Mafia TattoosMore Russian Mafia Tattoos…

Russian Mafia Bosses

Russian Mafia Bosses, Russian Mafia Tattoos

The Russian Mafia has been around as long as the Soviet Union has been dismembered – some even argue before it’s demise.  Supposedly one of the most powerful criminal organizations in modern history, the Russian Mafia has always been based on a strict code of dignity, respect, and honor.  Even though Russian Mafia Bosses may not be portrayed in Martin Scorcese movies, or on the front page of the New York Times every second month, it does not mean that they aren’t heavily feared and respected amongst the global criminal community.  Below is a list of some of the better known Russian Mafia Bosses:

  • Vyacheslav “Yaponchik” Ivankov – One of the most powerful members of vor v zakone (thief in law) and Russian mafia in America.  Ivankov Was known to have deep connections with Russian State Intelligence Organizations.
  • Vladimir Kumarin – A Saint Petersburg Boss of the Tambov Gang criminal organization.  He is a well known businessman, former Vice President of the Petersburg Fuel Company, and is alleged to have deep ties with Vladimir Putin.
  • Viktor Anatolyevich Bout – Former Soviet Major for the GRU (Russian Intelligence) and major arms dealer.  Nicknamed “The Merchant of Death” for privately supplying mass amounts of arms to the Taliban and African rebels during several civil wars.
  • Sergei Mikhailov – A Russian businessman claimed to the be the head boss of the Solntsevskaya bravta (brotherhood from Solntsevo) crime family.  Not known for following the traditional vor v zakone code, but a more westernized approach consider himself to be a business man rather than a thief in law.
  • Movladi Atlangeriyev – Chechen mob boss and founder of the Lazanskaya crime family.  Was considered to be one of the more popular crime bosses of the 1990’s and has been rumoured on several occasions to have cooperated with Russian Law and Security Services.  Was kidnapped in January 2008 in Moscow and is still missing.

More Russian Mafia Tattoos…

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