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Here is a funny video I found. It’s a clever animation of Russian Mafia Tattoos and different phrases often found with these tattoos. Then there’s some picture at the end of some dude, and it looks like he has the tattoo on his shoulder. I’m not sure if it’s the exact same one as the animation, but it looks close nevertheless. More Russian Mafia Tattoos…

Here is part two to the Russian Mafia documentary that was aired on the History channel. It talks about Vladimir Lenin, and how he responded to the emergence of the “thieves world” in the early 1900’s and tried to combat with the growing Russian criminal worlds, as well as and an interview with a former Soviet prison guard who explains the importance and meaning behind Russian Mafia TattoosMore Russian Mafia Tattoos…

Russian Mafia Tattoos In Hollywood

Russian Mafia Tattoos

The most popular display of Russian Mafia Tattoos in a mainstream movie production would have to be on the body of Viggo Mortensen’s character in the David Cronenberg award winning film Eastern Promises.  Cronenberg made it a point to place detailed attention on the symbolism and importance of the tattoos that prisoners and mafia members acquired.

Most people don’t know this, but before Eastern Promises there was an acclaimed documentary on Russian Mafia Tattoos released in 2000 titled The Mark of Cain, directed by Alix Lambert.  This film goes into great detail to uncover the tradition, brutality, and practice of Russian Criminal Tattoos – some of the film is even shot in Russia’s fabled White Swan prison.  More Russian Mafia Tattoos…

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